CSIC+12 Oct | All Science. CSIC's Night at 12 (afternoon)

Places availables


Viernes 29 de septiembre desde las 17h

Centro de Formación y Simulación Avanzada. Hospital 12 de octubre.


The traditional science fair of the CSIC centres at the UAM campus, this year in collaboration with the Hospital October 12th. There will be demonstrations about materials science, nanotechnology, biotechnology, food science, physics and mathematics, and a special offer about medical research. We will bring new interactive workshops, scientific talks, our renewed gymkhana about the female Nobel scientists, and more science games. There will also be special workshops for people with auditory functional diversity, and the possibility to visit areas of the Centre for Advanced Simulation that are usually closed to the general public. To end with, we have organized a very special closure: a live concert by the band Schizzofunk. All these activities can be enjoyed at the Centre for Training and Advanced Simulation of the Hospital October 12th. Some workshops and talks require reservation, but access to the fair is free. However, it is possible to book a place in advance to guarantee the access.