UC3M | Can we design smart materials to control our cells?

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Sábado 1 de octubre de 10:00h a 11:00h y de 11.30h a 12:30h.

Parque Científico de la UC3M. Parque Leganés Tecnológico, Av. Gregorio Peces Barba, 1, 28919 Leganés, Madrid.

When we make decisions, run, heal a wound, our heart beats, millions of cells are working collectively to perform these functions. We conceive these biological processes as difficult-to-understand physicochemical systems. However, our cells can be understood as “small persons” that develop their functions on a microscopic scale (remember that animation series “Once upon a time the human body”). As well as we run more easily on an athletic track than on the sand of a beach, cells will better execute their jobs if their environment is more friendly. In this visit to our laboratory, we propose solutions to control the cell environment and be able to guide them. During this visit, we will conduct tests with intelligent materials (magneto-active) in different experimental equipment, we will print these materials in 3D and, finally, we will use them to stimulate cells! This activity is developed within the framework of 4D-BIOMAP (Biomechanical Stimulation based on 4D Printed Magneto-Active Polymer) a project funded by the European Research Council through through an ERC Starting Grant from the Research and Innovation Framework Program of the European Union, Horizon 2020 (GA 947723). More info: https://www.multibiostructures.com/