UC3M | Meet the future of intelligent traffic

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Viernes 30 de septiembre de 18:00h a 19:00h.

Salón de Grados del campus de Madrid-Puerta de Toledo de la UC3M. Ronda de Toledo, 1, 28005, Madrid.

Intelligent traffic is one of the most important parts of smart cities. This activity aims to show the general public, particularly the teenagers, how intelligent vehicles assess the driving conditions and make decisions to realize fully autonomous driving in future and what can we humans do when that time comes. This activity is carried out within the framework of CONEX-Plus, a project financed by the UC3M, the European Commission through the Marie Sklodowska-Curie COFUND action (GA 801538) of the European Framework Program Horizon 2020. The scientific project that is developed is called: “A multi-agent based architecture for efficient evaluation of traffic condition”.