INTA | Illuminated fiber

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viernes 30 de septiembre de 18:30 a 19:30h y de 20:00 a 21:00h.

Centro de Experiencias Hidrodinámicas de El Pardo (CEHIPAR, INTA).

In 1953, the physicist Narinder Singh Kapany made a glass cable capable of transporting light, bending its path for the first time. Since then, the possibility of transporting light pulses at high speeds has changed our lives. But do we know what an optical fiber is and what its properties are? Do we know all your applications? Fiber optics is used to manufacture sensors in many fields of industry… and why not? for future space missions. During the exhibition, you will discover what fiber optics is, the properties of light and how it travels along the cables that reach our homes. In addition, you will know the usefulness of fiber optics to manufacture a sensor. You will have the opportunity to see the equipment we work with in our INTA laboratory.