CSIC | A CScIenCe night

Full capacity


Viernes 30 septiembre. De 9:45 a 14:15

Sede Central del CSIC


Once again, CSIC centres from the UAM campus join together to celebrate the European Researchers' Night with our science fair, where you will enjoy scientific games and demonstrations, shown by specialized scientists, a unique opportunity to talk to the people making science now, and in areas as diverse as Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Biotechnology, Food Science or Maths. We will go to CSIC campus in the morning, with activities devoted to scholars at the last courses of Primary Grade in the first access, and to the third and fourth grades of High School and Bachelor in the second access. Attendees will enjoy during 2 hours scientific demonstrations, and play our gymkhana about the female Nobel scientists. There will science, fun, and prizes! And if you miss a bit more, we will also stay at the same place during the afternoon, with more activities devoted to the general public and families. You cannot miss it!