UAM | Yinkana- White and red blood cells: our allies to help the planet

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Viernes 30 de septiembre de 17 a 21 horas

Edificio Plaza Mayor UAM

Come and see how important it is to keep healthy throughout life, and in the face of challenges such as pandemics, climate change, pollution, etc..., the defenders that circulate through our blood... learn to recognize which blood cell you have had to be and Find out what your name is, how many siblings you have, how you differ from your cousins, what mission you have, who your mother is, where you come from. Not only will you know if you are a transporter, a police officer, a personal defender, a street sweeper or an all-rounder, and if you were born in the bones, the liver or the thymus, you can also win a cute stuffed blood cell or mini-posters in a raffle to find out everything about the blood cells that run by your blood.... You will have more opportunities the more data you get! Description: It is a game in which each child or young person, throwing a dice, reaches a box that represents one of the eight different blood cells. In a card with the photo of the corresponding blood cell, he will have to investigate himself, with different degrees of difficulty according to age *. The information will be placed on the walls, and can be identified by the drawing or by its name, once it is located. Once the search is finished, and the form is filled in, it will be delivered to its corresponding "mother cell", entering the draw with one or more numbers, depending on the work completed. On two occasions throughout the Night, the draw will be held, which must be in person with the number(s) obtained, and in which a first prize (stuffed globule) and three second prizes (mini posters of the hematopoietic family).