Science trail stops in Atocha: the CSIC's Night - Primary School

Full capacity


Viernes 24 a las 10:00 y 14:00

Jardín de plantas


The CSIC centres at Cantoblanco campus move to Madrid Puerta de Atocha railway station joining the European Researchers' Night to the European Trail Year. In collaboration with Adif Open Station Program we will stay at the Tropical Garden of Atocha railway station during the morning, to approach educational centres from all stages to our research. Organized in two passes (10:00 and 14:00) for Primary School, pupils will enjoy a two hours tour across different scientific demonstrations on Materials Science and Chemistry, together with a gymkhana about Nobel female scientists. Workshops to fabricate light, start with levitation, decontaminate water using natural resources, discover the secrets of invisibilty, make ceramics, learn about energy technologies based on hydrogen, or play with catalysis and chemical elements. Also a road across the life and contributions of the great female Nobel scientists, solving a quiz and rescuing from oblivion other great women whose research did not received the due recognition. All this at a unique place, the tropical garden of Atocha railway station, where we will also show some of the scientific achievements enabling to design the trains of the future.