Researcher for a day

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Viernes 30 septiembre de 12:00 h a 14:15 h

Hospital Clínico San Carlos

The activity consists of didactic workshops in three research laboratories: Laboratory 1: We investigate the reasons for the onset of such horrible diseases as ALS and dementia, which appear in most cases without a known cause. We investigate the role that each person's metabolism, eating habits, lifestyle and genetic inheritance may play in the onset of these diseases, so that we can try to prevent their onset or progression. We will explain the way we have in the laboratory to approach and investigate these diseases, such as the use of experimental animals, and we will show you the main techniques we use, such as PCR, protein analysis and cell culture. Laboratory 2: In the search for new therapeutic horizons, preclinical research plays a crucial role. In recent years, advances in bioengineering and cell biology have allowed progress to be made in what is known as cell therapy and biomaterials. The use of biomaterials and stem cells has been shown to be an alternative with great therapeutic potential, awakening the interest of the scientific community in recent years, and encouraging the proposal of new targets in complex pathologies and lesions of the central nervous system (CNS). The use of stem cells has allowed us to discover and describe the mechanisms behind the beneficial activities of cell therapy in human diseases, through experimental approaches to improve the health of patients, transplantation of autologous and heterologous cells of different origins such as: embryonic cells, adult stem cells or induced pluripotent stem cells (IPS). The improvement of biomaterials of natural or synthetic origin, biocompatible and with biomechanical characteristics similar to central nervous tissue, has been evaluated in experimental models of traumatic, vascular or neurodegenerative pathologies with promising results in the recovery of nervous system injuries. Its combination with stem cells represents a synergy in the search for and development of innovative therapeutic strategies in the area of nanomedicine, cell therapy and neurorehabilitation. Laboratory 3: PENDING