Data as a solution against COVID-19: presentation of the European project COVID-X

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Viernes 30 septiembre de 09:00 h a 15:00 h

Hospital Clínico San Carlos

Presentation of the European project COVID-X, whose objective is the development of rapid and innovative solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic, and in which the Hospital Clínico San Carlos has actively participated. COVID-X bridges the collaboration gap between eHealth start-ups and the professional healthcare system. The purpose is to promote an agile end-to-end validation program of state-of-the-art technology in three real-world clinical scenarios, located at critical points of the pandemic: Italy, Spain and Sweden. The project accelerates value flows between the two poles under consideration: 1) attracting, investing in and empowering a community of European eHealth start-ups and 2) actively involving some of the most relevant hospitals in Europe that have the resources, the critical mass and ambition to expand its capabilities in the response to COVID-19. The project pays special attention to data privacy and security, ethical compliance and user acceptance.