IMDEA Agua | Are we polluting beyond our means?

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Viernes 30 de septiembre, de 18 a 21 h.

Instituto IMDEA Agua

  • Proyecto BIOARBIO
  • Proyecto Nat4Health

In this activity you will learn about how much water we consume, how we generate pollutants in our homes, how they can reach the environment and end up in the food chain, and what natural attenuation processes are. You will be able to join us on a tour around our tables and experiments, and you will be able to talk and ask questions to the researchers of the Soil and Water Quality in the Environment group of iMdea Water ( Come with us and learn how to apply at home what we will explain to you in order to make a rational and responsible use of water! At each of our tables and experiments you will learn about: 1. Would you say you waste a lot of water? Do you know how much you pollute? Are all pollutants the same? Here you will learn about it! We have practical examples and objects that we use in our everyday life to see how much water we use at home and which of our actions pollute it and how. The kids will be able to play at guessing how much water they need and how they "dirty" it at home (and how to use and dirty it as little as possible!). 2. Natural attenu...what? We will tell you what sorption, biodegradation and phyto-absorption are, who do them and how they help us! Here you can learn, thanks to our models, diagrams and real experiments, what happens to water pollutants when they reach nature and, in particular, our fields and crops. The kids will be able to learn how to do an experiment at home... with coloured lettuce! 3. Do you know what Nature-Based Solutions are? What about Vegetation Filters, or runoff? Come and find out! We will show you demonstrative experiments to get to know these terms, their importance and usefulness and their relation to natural attenuation processes. We will see how plants help us to avoid soil erosion and why the plant-soil team is very important for the environment. We will also tell you about the different research we are working on and how we do our experiments. This way you will see how broad this field is, that nature is our ally and that we must take care of it and protect it. Come and find out everything we know and everything we still must find out... We look forward to meeting you! It is not necessary to make a previous reservation. Go directly to the IMDEA Agua building on the day of the activity. Activity carried out with the collaboration of the following projects and grants: BIOARBIO “Generating biomass from reclaimed water: an opportunity for the Circular Bioeconomy” funded by the Community of Madrid (IND2019/AMB-17191) y developed by SWQ Group in collaboration with Grupo EULEN and the National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA). Nat4Health "Antibiotics, hormones, persistent and mobile organic contaminants and pathogens, the complex mixture in agriculture and livestock scenario. Risk to health or natural attenuation?" (2021-2025). Grant PID2020-118521RB-I00 funded by MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033. IPs: Raffaella Meffe y Ana de Santiago Martín.