UEM | Moral dilemma: commitment to nature and the soil. Multidisciplinary interactive meeting

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Viernes 30 de septiembre de 18:00 a 19:30 h.

Universidad Europea de Madrid, Campus Villaviciosa de Odón.

Fast food (from agriculture and extensive livestock farming), fast fashion, mass tourism, liminal nightlife, the abuse of multiscreens, and drug use, among others, are mass phenomena present in our societies advanced that have as great victim to the ground. This activity proposed by the Research Group on Social Problems tries to put the attendees in front of a mirror so that they know what implications their daily actions have for the environment, and more specifically for the soil. They will have the opportunity to reflect on it through a moral dilemma through which they will be able to begin to generate changes in their behavior, from which they will emerge acquiring the commitment to generate actions that have a positive impact on the ground. We will conclude the activity with the sowing of seeds. This action, plus its growth and others that the attendees generate autonomously, will form part of a virtual garden that will feed for a year.