Fruits and vegetables for a sustainable and healthy diet

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Viernes 24 de 17:00 a 20:00 Taller para público general. Viernes 24 de 18:00 a 20:00 se realizará un taller infantil para niños de 5 a 7 años

El taller para público general se podrá seguir a través de El taller infantil tendrá lugar de manera presencial en el Edificio Aulario de la Facultad de Farmacia (UCM) Planta baja. Aula 222

The aim of this activity is to communicate in an easy and enjoyable way all the advantages of vegetables and fruits: nutritious, good for health, tasty, easy to prepare, gastronomically versatile, inexpensive and that they implement to mitigate climate change. All this with the final objective of convincing and thus promoting the consumption of these foods and integrating them into a healthy and sustainable eating model of the Mediterranean diet of which they are part. Also to discover in a amusing way the healthy properties of fruits and vegetables as well as to promote their daily consumption among children at home.

Reservation required
starting septembre 13 at 09:00